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Evon Butterworth

VP Risk Management

Direct Phone: 720.389.0387
Direct Fax: 720.389.0388

Ms. Butterworth, formerly of Experian, goes by her middle name Evon (pronounced Evan– yes, like a guy’s name). She joined Advantage Credit in October 2014, and thoroughly enjoys sharing her thirteen years’ Bureau experience with ‘Team Advantage’.

During her last 6 years with Experian, she worked as a Reseller Compliance Analyst, consulting with and auditing Reseller clients across the United States regarding the FCRA, GLB and Bureau requirements. Prior to her auditing role, Evon put in five years as a Data Specialist, reviewing data reporter content for accuracy and potential fraud. But her beginnings with Experian were in the Learning Center, where she was involved with educating employees on a variety of industry topics. Each of these roles contributed to a depth and breadth of experience Evon utilizes on a daily basis as head of Compliance for Advantage Credit.

Since joining the Reseller world, Evon has helped Advantage Credit adapt to a myriad of changes brought about by rapid expansion and the acquisition of Clear Choice Credit. Her department has grown from 1 compliance specialist to 13 direct reports, all working diligently to ensure a compliant, quick vetting process for new members, as well as ongoing monitoring, auditing and education of established clients.

As VP, it is Evon’s goal to increase inter-departmental transparency, encourage role-specific cross-training and redundancy of employee knowledge and experience, as well as raise the company-wide minimum standards for compliance education both for new hires and for current employees with oversight and by ensuring robust refresher training.

Evon, whose first name is Susan, lives in Southern California with her son, their dog, and the occasional cat. She sculpts, refinishes furniture and reads in her spare time. She especially enjoys traveling, and during the summer months can frequently be found swimming and kayaking in the bay.

If you have a compliance question, please feel free to reach out to Evon and her team as a resource. We are here to help!