Rescore Express

Rescore Express

*There is no longer a link to order a rescore through the main desktop. Please order all rescores through the file

Loan Officers, help your borrowers get the scores they deserve in one to three days!

Rescore Express helps you create a long-term relationship with your borrower by using a consultative approach.

By correcting information at a bureau level in three business days, you improve your borrower relationship and possibly their FICO® scores, which helps them get into a better loan package.

  • Individual consultation with a Rescore Express Specialist
  • Advice that will help you and your borrower to determine the best
    course of action to take regarding their credit
  • The best rate and loan program for your customer
  • Enhanced customer loyalty

*Click here to find out why The Credit Repair Act Does Not Apply to Rescore*


  • Close better loans faster
  • Re-score results in 24-72 hours
  • Permanently correct the information at the bureau level
  • Save loans you might otherwise lose
  • Get the best rate and loan program for your customer
  • Enhance customer loyalty


  • Individual consultation with a Rescore Express specialist
  • Get advice that will help you and your borrower to determine the best course of action to take regarding their credit
  • Improves borrower relationship by helping them get into a better loan
  • Track the progress of your request online


“WOW. That’s all I can say right now. Mindy absolutely blew my mind and she 100% saved a deal for me. My borrowers went under contract using an investor loan, and that same week the investor’s guidelines changed. My borrowers had to get their score from 680 to 700 and FAST! When our rescore didn’t come through with the score we anticipated, Mindy stepped into action and took complete ownership of the file until we were at 700. I cannot thank her enough for all her help – she wasn’t just someone from the credit company; she was someone ON MY TEAM fighting as hard for this deal as I was. I am absolutely blown away by the level of service she provided and could honestly go on all day about it. I also have to say – I love the entire Advantage Credit team. Everyone is amazingly helpful and knowledgeable and you guys are running a great company!!! THANK YOU!!!”

– Pam Abirached, Summit Funding, Inc.

“I’ve been working with Mindy for the last 18 months or so (maybe even longer) and she is so awesome to work with. I’m not sure I can put enough good words together about her and how good she is. I know I can call into Advantage to get changes made or correct something but I always just email Mindy directly. Whatever the request is, changing a last name, adding a middle initial, etc. she has always replied to me very quickly. I mean very quickly like I wouldn’t ever expect anyone to reply that quick on anything and she does. She is so helpful on anything I need and just a pleasure to work with. I just wanted to say thank you for having such a great employee! She is truly a blessing to work with.”

– Dan Olson, C.U. Mortgage Services, Inc.

“Your rescore team is extremely fast and professional. When they see that the score does not go up as I had expected they reach out to me and tell me why they believe it didn’t and what steps the borrower needs to do to get it there. I have never had such great success with rescores as I have had with your company! We have a choice of 4 credit reporting companies we can work with, I only work with you guys! You’re the best!!”

– Luisa Stevenson, PrimeLending

“We went from No loan to Closing a loan next week!! it Was AWESOME! Thank you so much! It completely saved the loan. It was fast and easy and we really appreciate you all so much!”

– Lewann Strickland, American Liberty Mortgage

“Thank you,Because of this rescore, my customer is going from 602 to 683 which improved the price by over $6K! They are very excited, thanks for everything!”

– Chip Allen, Crestline Mortgage Bankers, A Division of Universal Lending Corp

“This rescore helped our borrower in 2 ways!! One, it was able to get him a better interest rate and two, it was able to reduce the amount of Mortgage Insurance! It was Super fast and easier than I expected. Thank you so much!”

– Britt Boyles, Eagle Home Loans

“Good afternoon! The rescore on this file did save our deal. We were able to place the file with an investor and get the clients the rate and program that the wanted. Your re-score department is AWESOME! I am not sure who spoke with to initiate the order…but everyone has always gone above and beyond to get what we need done. I appreciate all of the help that I get on every request.”

– Kelly Butler, RPM Mortgage, Inc.

“You have been amazing and so responsive. You are MILES away from the last credit company I worked with. Thank you so much for all your help. Pass this on to anyone who should know how awesome you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Sara Sterling, Security National Mortgage

“Jewell is awesome!! I have worked with her a lot and she is amazing every time, we love her! This credit report was erroneous but once we got the proper documentation that Jewell had instructed us to get, it went very fast and the very positive results were able to save my clients 1/8 pt on their interest rate and save on their fees as well. This was a great result for our borrowers!”

– Tammy Stapleton, Cherry Creek Mortgage

“If you could clone Mindy over and over again, it would be worth every penny. She is so wonderful that I can’t even describe how her level of service always exceeds my expectations. She takes initiative, she is responsive and she is just a very, very nice person. Thank you again for providing a valuable service that allows me to better serve my customers!!”

– Susanna Ruder, PrimeLending

“Advantage Credit is Absolutely the BEST!! Rescore is awesome every single time. When I call AC, it doesn’t matter who I get, we become friends! They are helpful and wonderful and the owners of Advantage Credit sure have a great company here.”

– Cathy Erickson, Universal Lending Corp

“This was a great rescore because it got the borrower a better rate and achieved exactly what we needed it to do. My experience with Rescore is always good and very helpful to our clients. Turn times are great too! the What If Simulator is also a great tool and is very accurate and helpful.”

– Patrick Haddon, Cherry Creek Mortgage Co.

“Advantage credit has been a key component in the growth of my business. I have been in the mortgage industry for 14 years and I have never worked with a credit reporting company that is as dedicated to their relationships and that work as hard as the employees of Advantage Credit. When I run into issues with a credit report I can contact them and be sure that they are giving me the correct information. I also use their credit analyzer program and complete rescores through them each and every month. This service has helped me offer better loan options and pricing to some clients and help other clients qualify where they would not have qualified without the extra assistance. I plan to continue to use Advantage credit in the future and I am glad that they are a part of my business. Thank you!”

– Alex Babiniec, First Cal

“HERE is why we love you guys! This is a square peg into a round hole. We need to use Freddie because of IBR use for student loan repayment. That’s the only investor allowing this; however, when she was a 656 I couldn’t get an “Accept” on her unless I did the 5% down and she really wanted to do the HomePossible 3% program. Here’s the ACCEPT we were looking for. 10 lousy points does the trick! How about dem apples? Thank you again!”

– Steven Woloszyk, PrimeLending

“The huge increase in the credit score was able to save the borrower over $7,200!! It put her into a lower risk rate scenario which cost her less. It lowered her rate and the costs associated with it. It was incredible, and a relatively easy process. I have used this as a testimonial several times since then.”

– Michael Smith, Universal Lending Corp.

“Results from the Rescore could not have been any better. Bobbie Katz was a super star on both ends. I received a road map that my buyer/borrower could make happen, and with-in days, I had my rescore back even above what the estimate had been! The borrower has his loan back on track, and it was due to the efforts received from Advantage credit and RPM! Keep this work up , would ya?!”

-Chris Knox, RPM Mortgage

“Jackie is one of the best people that I have ever worked with. It’s been 12 years that I have used you guys to help me with credit and I remember Jackie from the start. She is so knowledgeable! She is fast! She goes above and beyond her duties. I can just tell that she cares as much about my clients as I do. I am always able to do better for my clients when I involve Jackie and Advantage Credit!”

– Alisa York, Universal Lending Corporation

“Awesome!! This rescore worked perfectly and I was a little worried that it wouldn’t but Mary Carol was so great to work with and the rescore was super fast and we got the job done. Thank you!”

– Scott Glasgow, Megastar Financial

“I am so pleased with the Rescore team. I really appreciate the fast turn times and the ability to call and talk about different scenarios and options. Thank you for always answering your phones! That is so valuable. You guys are awesome and thank you for your help!”

– Timothy McGrath, CommunityAmerica Credit Union

“You and your team are absolutely FABULOUS! No matter what my issue or concern is, you have it solved in a matter of minutes; It’s just amazing. Recently I had a rescore needed. The what-if simulator was dead-on, got the score we needed and into processing we went! Not to mention, your rescore team: Top. Notch. Jewel and Bobbi, so great. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You all rock!”

– Jessica Lynn Blair Wurzel, UFCU Mortgage Services

“I am amazed at how quickly I got a rescore on one of my files. I got about 50 points just for updating a judgment that was not showing released. I was able to then get the file to run though GUS for RD and got my approval. One tiny change that only took a couple of days! Thank you so so much!”

– Kimberly Altier, Great Plains National Bank

“Your Rescore Team is unbelievably awesome! Worked on a purchase, with an original mid score of 602. In only two days MaryCarol, on your Rescore Team had a new file for me with the mid score of 631 (I only needed 620). WOW! This has never happened to me! I am so excited to get the file rolling so fast!”

– Chalamaine Carr Armstrong, Amcap Mortgage

“I wanted to send a thank you for your help with my recent Rapid Rescore. I was able to utilize the What If Simulator to gain confidence to feel it would work. The rescore was ordered at 6:38 PM on a Monday evening and I was shocked to receive the Rapid Rescore back by 1:10 PM on Tuesday the very next day! I am so glad to have the experts at Advantage Credit as a resource to help my clients and put them in a better credit position for a mortgage. From supplements to rescoring, they are efficient, friendly, and so appreciated!!”

– Tenby Dahman, America’s Mortgage

“Did the credit analyzer, then the what if simulator on a file. I expected the rescore to take at least a week but was stunned when it came back in only 3 days with the mid of 641~!!! THE QUICK TURN TIME HELPED ME GET HIS FILE OVER TO UW FASTER. THE LOAN IS GETTING READY TO CLOSE.”

– Brandon Balli, Amcap Mortgage

“The Rapid Rescore process is just amazing. In two business days I had it back and the file was moved to processing—GREAT WORK to the ladies at Advantage. The process is seamless and they are beyond professional and kind to work with! If I could love a credit reporting service, it would be Advantage. (I do totally love y’all!!)”

– Jessica Blair Wurzel, University Federal Credit Union

“I contacted Advantage Credit’s rescore group and was able to get the direct # and contact to Amex which saved me a ton of time. Based on the information I provided, I was able to get my borrower a score increase from 706 to 731 which saved the loan. The help Advantage was able to offer with Rescore Express was invaluable and sealed the deal. I give Advantage an A+ in my book, which I never give out.”

– Michele Town, RPM Mortgage

“Quick note:  I’m 27 years in mortgage lending and I understand the importance of speed and accuracy.  Last Friday afternoon, I ordered a credit supplement (on a rush) for a file with a very short fuse.  I had the report in less than 18 hours and it was delivered on a Saturday morning.  Mindy Leisure (rescore express dept) was the technician and she did a truly awesome job that was greatly appreciated.  Mindy Leisure should change her name to something like Mindy Working-my-tail-off-for-my-customers. Thanks very much.”

– Mark Treiber, RPM Mortgage

“I’m working with Mindy at Advantage.  She’s patient, super cool, and extremely helpful—she’s gone above and beyond.   I’m not sure who to report it to but if we could somehow get her recognized for her work I would approve it 100%.”

-Tim Rhey, Peoples Mortgage

“I would like to state how thrilled I am with the ability with Advantage Credit to us their “what if” scenario and be given a very close idea what a re-score would come in at with the recommendations given. Once we had the information showing the balances had been paid down on a couple of credit cards, the score increased almost 30 points in less than 1 day. This allowed my borrowers to be able to purchase their first home. Mindy at Advantage Credit was so very helpful in her attention to this file as well as her speed in getting the bureau’s what was needed for the improvement. I would highly recommend Advantage Credit as the only credit reporting company to use. Mindy was superb”

– Angell Fuchs, Home Team Lending, a division of Universal Lending Corporation

“I want to thank you for all your help in updating the incorrect information on my borrower’s credit report. I was very impressed with the expediency of a job well done. Through your help we increased his credit scores from mid to low 600’s to a 720, 654, and 630. This has allowed me to provide him with many different loan products that will meet his needs.”

– Paula Shaughnessy, Colorado Credit Union

“MegaStar Financial used the Rescore Express service recently for an important borrower. We found this process to be straightforward and provided a fast turn around time. Customer service does an outstanding job communicating the time frames and information needed to complete this process. Therefore, I highly recommend this service to others needing a quick remedy to the credit score issue when presenting loans to a variety of investors.”

Alan Wyngarden, MegaStar Financial