Loan Quality Initiative

Loan Quality Initiative Services

Our Suite of Loan Quality Initiative (LQI) Services

  • Undisclosed Debt Notification – Monitor a borrower’s credit profile throughout the closing process.
  • Refreshing Credit Report – A credit report acquired just prior to closing to help you proactively uncover additional debt or credit inquiries.
  • Comparison Report – allowing you to compare two reports in less than 10 seconds! You can easily comply with the new Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative standards.
  • Verification of New Inquiries – A process to determine new account information.
  • Soft Code Inquiry – This is available for pre-funding and post-funding review.
  • Letter of Explanation Document – A prefilled form letter available for the borrower to address any inquiries and any derogatory information and/or address discrepancies on the original credit report or the refreshing report.
  • MERS Lien Report – provides a real-time method to verify lien information disclosed by the borrower.
  • Tax Return Verification – Used to verify the validity of a borrower’s income by referencing tax returns filed with the IRS.
  • Social Security Verification – Used to verify against the Social Security Administration’s Master File of Social Security Numbers (SSNs), using Social Security number, name, date of birth and gender code (if available).
  • Red Flag (Fraud Alerts) – Instantly recognize the warning signs of potential fraud with our Fraud Services.