Red Flag (Fraud Alerts)

Red Flag (Fraud Alerts)

Instantly recognize the warning signs of potential fraud with our Fraud Services.

Detect Fraud on Name, Address or Social Security Number with

  • High Risk Fraud Alert (TransUnion)
  • SafeScan (Equifax)
  • Fraud Shield (Experian)


InstantID® powered by LexisNexis® is the only identity verification solution that has been endorsed by the American Bankers Association (ABA). By delivering access to the industry’s most robust identity database, InstantID simplifies compliance with the USA Patriot Act.

InstantID validates and verifies a consumer’s identity information (name, address, phone, SSN (Social Security Number), and DOB (Date of Birth)) across multiple databases using a powerful proprietary search and comparison process. It also identifies potential high-risk data elements, such as prison addresses, campground addresses, disconnected phone numbers, and SSNs of deceased persons. InstantID returns the following auditable results:

  • Validation and verification of data provided by the applicant
  • Optional results from a check of Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and other government screening lists
  • Results from an SSN deceased file search
  • Fraud red flag indicators with explanations of the discrepancies that are found


  • Critical compliance assistance to meet new account opening requirements as outlined in Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT ACT
  • Assurance that comprehensive checks have been made against a robust set of databases to authenticate customer identity and information
  • Helps reduce financial fraud and identity theft
  • Checks against current government lists of terrorists


  • Superior data assets, including credit header data from all three national credit repositories
  • Databases have in excess of 10,000 data sources providing these updates as frequently as each data provider allows including daily, bi-weekly, weekly and monthly
  • Validates that the application data submitted is real
  • Verifies the input elements belong to a single identity
  • Identifies compromised or suspicious identities
  • Through proprietary linking technology, profiles have been built on over 400 million individuals, 280 million active and 25 million businesses

Additional Reports

  • Occupancy Bankruptcy Report – a two part report which compiles information on current and historical occupancy and bankruptcy records. This report provides key information to assist lenders in identifying occupancy issues as required under the Fannie Mae LQI initiative.
  • Occupancy Site Report – Our nationwide network of professional field service representatives provides a full range of regulatory-compliant residential inspection services tailored to each client’s operating needs and business goals.

If you have any questions about any of the “Red Flag” regulations, please call Advantage Credit, Inc. at 800.670.7993.