Important notice for clients ordering SSA-89:
Social Security Administration has issued an updated version of the SSA-89 (04-2023)
Please begin using this form (attached Order Form)
SSA will not accept older versions after September 30, 2023

As announced previously, we have transitioned to our new permanent SSA agent information
PitchPoint Solutions Corp
8586 Potter Park Drive, STE 108 Sarasota, FL 34238

PitchPoint Solutions Corp is now the only agent information accepted on SSA-89 forms – No other agent information will be accepted.

As a reminder, we must have both pages of the SSA-89 to process.

Verifies against the Social Security Administration’s Master File of Social Security Numbers

  • Verifies the Social Security number, name, date of birth and gender code (if available)
  • Verifies and checks for contradictory application information
  • Direct from Social Security Administration
  • Protect against application input errors and identity theft fraud