Credit Radar Report

Credit Radar Report

Save time and find key pieces on the credit report you need to know right away

Credit Radar™ is a simplified way of alerting credit report users to key pieces of information, they need to know. In addition, it forecasts the potential mid-score if common credit-related events were to take place.


The Credit Radar report includes:

  • Current mid-score indicator
  • Potential mid-score indicator
  • Negative Mortgage history in the last 12 months and all time
  • Installment Loans with less than 10 months in remaining payments
  • Alerts as to the presence of:
    • Authorized user accounts
    • Accounts in dispute
    • Collection accounts
    • Public records
    • Mid-score risk if revolving balances rise


  • A compliment to the credit report, Credit Radar™ appears as the cover page to the credit report.
  • Very attractive to buyers of credit that are trying to improve efficiency or do more with less staff.
  • It exists because what your customer needs to know is not always easy to find, even for a veteran.
  • If it saves one loan it’s worth it!