Set yourself apart from the competition by connecting your services with referral partners and reduce your up front transaction costs with a borrower-paid credit report.

SmartPay will allow your borrowers to see where they are in the spectrum of credit. They will know instantly if they are excellent, good, fair or poor. Their Realtor will have some peace of mind when taking them out to look at houses and you won’t miss a deal just because you couldn’t answer the phone at that very second.

SmartPay is a web based service, so there is no software to download or install since it utilizes your existing account information with us.


  • Expand your marketing reach by offering credit report access on multiple websites.
  • Reduce up front transaction costs with a borrower paid credit report.
  • Spend quality touches on qualified applicants since the credit report is provided upfront to the loan officer.
  • Provide applicants with transparency and security.
  • Scale and grow your business from multiple sources.
  • Easy to use for the borrower. Just a click of a button gives them access to order the report.


  • You immediately receive an email with the file number of the credit report, the borrowers name, address, phone number, email address and the referral partner.
  • You will have access to the credit report with scores.
  • The credit report you receive can be reissued through your automated underwriting system.
  • Helps you communicate and build better relationships by providing easy-to-understand explanations about each applicant’s credit standing, including the critical factors impacting their credit.
  • You have increased borrower loyalty since they have prepaid for the credit report and have received value with available reports.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition by offering unique products and services.


Setup Options

Web pages configured by customer
Customize logo on web page
Multiple emails can be used for notification
Authorization Agreement can be adjusted
Confirmation page can be customized
Consumer can view FICO® Scores
Credit Card Payment


Consumer Report Options

Credit Disclosures
Credit Radar
Credit Assure