Internal Audit-CV Job Description

Using their knowledge, experience and ability to accurately perform all Credit Verification Specialist (CV) responsibilities, the Internal Auditor-CV reviews (audits) CV supplementation work on a per-employee basis in detail, and documents all identified errors. The Internal Auditor-CV will clearly convey these findings and their corresponding correct actions directly to the CV, and will interact with CV Management and the CV Trainer to address CV progress by individual, department, and hire group with the goal of decreasing errors and increasing accuracy, consistency and understanding both on the individual level and throughout the CV department.

Principal Duties
In addition to the duties set forth below, other duties may be assigned as deemed necessary by VP Risk Management.

  • Conduct audit reviews on all aspects of CV supplementation work.
  • Using Excel, Word and eventually SalesForce, provide detailed, clear, accurate documentation of audit results directly to CV employee in writing and via spreadsheets, as well as review these results with the CV employee verbally via Ring Central webcam meeting.
  • Routinely confer with VP Risk Management, CV Head Trainer and CV Management to better understand changes in policies, procedures, regulations, business initiatives and technologies and set expectations for areas of audit focus, etc.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative Auditor-CVS relationships by reviewing results of audit directly with employee, with emphasis on cooperation, support, education and communication. The audit goal is to Kindly and Consistently Educate, Communicate, and Hold Employees Accountable for mistakes so they don’t repeat them.
  • Monitor and assist with updates to Internal Audit-specific Zavanta documents, to include creating new policy and procedure content as needed.
  • Maintain and organize Audit records by CV employee, new-hire training group and audit date-range.
  • Consult with and provide supportive data to CV Trainer regarding potential error trends and patterns within hire groups or by individuals so CV Trainer can assess need for follow up training.
  • Conduct on-going audits of new CV employees.
  • Conduct periodic and annual audits for existing CV employees.

Supervisory Responsibilities: None

Reports to
VP Risk Management

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current ACI employee.
  • Minimum 6 months superior Credit Verification Specialist experience.
  • To be eligible to be an employee of ACI, the suitable candidate will meet the minimum ISP requirements.

Working Conditions
This job requires that you be physically and mentally able to work independently 8 hours a day at a desk with a computer setup, phone and video camera.


  • Minimum 6 months Credit Verification experience at Advantage Credit, Inc.
  • Proven ability to clearly and consistently identify, document and support findings (and their corrections) both in writing and verbally
  • Previous auditing experience or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Other Skills and Abilities

  • Able to function independently in a multi-task environment, as well as part of a team
  • Superior Credit Verification Specialist Skills
  • Comfortable communicating with all levels of Management
  • Likes to keep busy: ensuring they fully occupied with the job throughout the day
  • Ability to persuade, train, and encourage while providing ‘unwelcome’ news, such that the receiver is happy to hear it.
  • Able to make judgement calls on when to check with management vs. when to proceed.
  • Comfortable wielding authority, kindly yet firmly
  • Computer skills should include strong MS Office Suite skills along with overall computer literacy.
  • Ability to learn and adapt to new software programs
  • Strong Excel skills
  • Experience with SalesForce
  • Strong planning and organizational skills
  • Detail oriented; rule-follower
  • Proven positive communication skills, including clarity and kindness
  • Comfortable using the web camera for meetings and able to help troubleshoot CV employees who may have technical challenges with their web camera.

Performance Guidelines; General Expectations

To perform the job successfully, a suitable candidate will demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Oral and Written Communication – Demonstrates strong attention to detail, accuracy and thoroughness in speaking and writing clearly, effectively and informatively, responding appropriately and respectfully to questions and concerns in a timely manner. Edits written documentation for spelling and grammatical errors. Ability to read and interpret written information.
  • Motivation and Problem solving – Works well in problem solving situations, demonstrating persistence to overcome obstacles, using reason and common sense when dealing with a variety of situations and topics. Demonstrates openness to input and suggestions from others, always looking for ways to improve and promote quality product, providing input to management.
  • Planning and Organization – Able to prioritize and plan work activities, demonstrating ability to utilize time efficiently.
  • Attendance, Punctuality and Dependability – Is punctual, ensuring work responsibilities are covered when absent, attends meetings promptly. Responds promptly to client, borrower and co-worker needs. Follows instructions, responding to management direction and guidance, completing tasks on time, notifying the appropriate person as necessary to keep apprised of any issues or with an alternative plan.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Focuses on resolving conflict, maintaining confidentiality at all times, listening to others without interrupting, keeping emotions under control and remaining open to the ideas of others.
  • Teamwork – Contributes to building a positive team atmosphere, supporting each individual’s efforts to succeed.
  • Work ethics – Treats all others with respect, integrity and professionalism in a tactful manner, whether be it co-worker, management, clients, borrowers, vendors, creditors, etc., even when under pressure. Follows through on all commitments.
  • Cost Consciousness – Remains mindful of conserving organizational resources.
  • Organizational Support – Follows policies and procedures and completes administrative tasks in a timely manner.


  • Attendance Record
  • Audit Results (Audit the Auditor)
    • Quantity, Speed, and Quality
  • Compliance with ACI policies and procedures
  • Audited employee feedback
  • Periodic reviews by Management

Author / Owner / Subject Experts / Contributing Authors:
The following subject experts may be consulted for additional information:
• Internal Audit- CV Senior: Michelle Montano
• VP Risk Management: Evon Butterworth

To apply for this position, email your cover letter and resume to Angela Langford at or Bryttany Lynch at